The top five orthodontics services

Are you looking out for the top five birmingham orthodontics services in the state, then you are right on spot as we present you the top five on our platform.

This list comprise of various orthodontics services such those in the orthodontics manufacturing sector, those in orthodontics treatment and those in orthodontics insurance amongst others.

So here they are as below:

1. 3M Unitek - The 3M Unitek Company is a leading ISO-Certified producer and global supplier of ground-breaking products to orthodontic professionals. From its entry and seamless orthodontic bands in 1950, the company has served the industry with consistently high quality

2. Align Technology – This also is a great manufacturer of Orthodontics products for orthodontics practitioners

3. American Orthodontics – The American Orthodontics is the world's biggest privately held orthodontic company, proudly located in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. For over 5 decades now, American Orthodontics has been producing top quality orthodontic products and peripherals for consumers and clients.

4. Anatomage, Inc. – this is another super-efficient orthodontics provider and manufacturer of cutting edge orthodontics products.

5. Carestream Dental, LLC – This is a celebrated and very popular orthodontics service provider in the state and is well patronized due to their quality services and orthodontic product lines.

And on top of the list is our orthodontics service in the state. Contact us today for the best affordable orthodontics treatment now!