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All 4 Dentist Alberta Offices

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Richmond BC Nature

When the time comes to truly look at the world in which you live and determine what is important, what will you say? Will you say that the age of industrialization and the boom in technology would define what is good about the human race, or will it be the preserving of nature and the world that has given us all of its resources for our personal use that made the world so great? Where do you separate the two? How can you?

The truth is that you cannot and that a great business means looking at both sides of the coin. We have chosen to locate our family dentist offices in the great city of Richmond, BC due to its ability to give business what they need. A great city with all of the technology and the civilization of the modern world, but also with a great landscape and nature preserve worth looking out for.

Being in the mix

When you live in a city that has a great deal of wilderness at its core, you are much more likely to care about what happens to the environment. And that can be difficult as a business that is concerned about staying up to date with technology and making money. It is true that nature gets in the way of business, and that sometimes the two are in direct competition. But both are important, so you must learn to navigate it.

We are of the opinion that if you serve one area, the other one will follow along. That is if you protect the environment, you will have a great deal more opportunity for future endeavors and you will still have the resources to continue to innovate. The city of Richmond truly gets that, which is why we have chosen to call it home and to help the fight to protect its beauty.